A Cautionary Tale

This comes from an email sent out by Quicks Archery shop. If you are shooting at home, please please please practice safe archery.

Shooting at Home, Taking Care and Safety
Some people will have the space to shoot whilst practicing social distancing. If you are fortunate enough to be able to do this, take care. Be aware of possible over shoot issues and that you are not putting anyone’s safety at risk.

A Cautionary Tale on shooting at home – A customer phoned me to place an order and to talk about arrow spine choice…after a 5 min conversation and placing an order for some components, he said he was going back to his archery practicing. He was shooting across his living room ,and the garden and into the garage, where he had a target against the back wall. this gave him 20 yards range. I put the phone down and five minutes later he rang back…..his wife had shut the patio glass door whilst he was on the phone to me the first time.. ..he had shot his arrow right through the patio window shattering the large glass unit….so take care!

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