The Archery Drill Book

The Archery Drill Book
Ruis and Gerard
Paperback: 186 pages
Price … £15

This book is ideal for the archer needing structure for their practice. 130 drills … for every level of archer, for every sort of archery and aiming to tackle a great many of the issues we find ourselves suffering from. Rather than simply shoot 30 or 60 arrows in repetitive practice, those arrows will have purpose as defined by the particular drill you are following.

The book is broken up into 9 chapters. Each addresses an area an archer may have issues with ie consistency or stamina. It then suggests anything up to 27 different drills to overcome that problem. There will be at least two or three solutions to your problem be you recurve, traditional or compound.

Each drill page consists of 4 paragraphs. The drills purpose, signs it is needed, how to do the drill and finally tips on how to approach the drill. Some of the drills have variations to tweak things slightly or change things up a little to prevent it getting stale.

This literally serves the same purpose as a coach making suggestions on how to overcome a shortcoming. You still need to have someone identify where your problem is unless you can do it yourself, so its more a coaching aid rather than replacing the coach.

This is definitely a book for archers looking to improve and take responsibility for their improvement. Its also a book for coaches looking for new ways to address shortcomings they identify in their students. All in all a practical and pragmatic book designed to help coaches coach better and archers improve.

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