Primitive Bow

primativeAs a kid, did you take a stick and make it into a bow to shoot garden canes possibly at your sister? (Dont worry, she survived and doesn’t hate me that much). If so, thats not a million miles from what a basic primitive bow is.

Also known as the self bow (so called because its made from a single piece of wood), this type of bow has been found with indigenous peoples all over the world – in Africa, the Americas, northern Europe, and Southern Asia. The oldest bow artifacts found are all of self or primitive bows.

Their very lack of sophistication is their strength. A self bow can be created in less than a day from many common timbers that can be found anywhere. You just need some basic tools to aid in chopping, shaving, and scraping. A piece of wood must be long enough (approximately the height of the archer) and the grain must be pretty straight. With a little knowledge, a little effort and a few hours … you’ll get a functioning bow that while a little rough, will be perfectly capable of throwing a pointed stick quickly and reasonably accurately. Just the thing if you need a little aid in catching dinner.

primative 2You can of course spend a lot of time on your bow, and turn it into a work of art. Bowyers love to sculpt and in a self bow they have a medium that can be worked with their skill in wood alone.

Exotic woods, exposing the grain, staining … using every trick in the book, bowyers have for centuries made works of art that are still functional and, lets not kid ourselves, deadly weapons.

Many books exist showing you how to make a primitive bow (both archer/bowyer and survivalist are fascinated by this subject for very differing reasons). There are also courses you can take from bowyers to learn how to make a bow over a weekend. A little steep cost wise for the average weekend away but worth it I’ve been told.