Staying Archery Fit …

fridgeMost of us are stuck at home right now. We visit the fridge relentlessly … and the drinks cabinet is glaring at me right now with an expression I can only describe as “LEAVE ME ALONE!”.

I can feel my archery fitness slipping away with no shooty or no gym time. So what can be done?

Well, first a quick jump over to our Books and Guides page where you can grab free PDFs from renown archery coach Ki Sik Lee and physical trainer/archer Tim Goodwin. These will give you some good exercises to try. If you don’t have a home gym (like 99% of us) … get inventive! All those stockpiles of food and drink can stand in for weights. 2L of diet coke = a 2kg weight.

Now actually drawing your bow without there being any shooty (called reversals) is good exercise and obviously works all the right muscles BUT when drawing your bow DO NOT put an arrow on the bow and even then face a wall. Whatever you do, DO NOT let the string go AT ALL. A dry fire will mean all that energy going into the bow and it will break so take care. If you don’t believe me, check out this article and video footage. You’ll never risk a dry fire ever after reading.

If you cant draw up your bow indoors due to low ceilings, the solution to this is an exercise band. Something like this used to simulate you drawing your bow will work those back muscles and help with you feeling the expansion as you draw through an imaginary clicker. These are available in lots of ‘weights’ and can be doubled over to increase the resistance as long as you don’t get one that starts as a loop. Medium to heavy are probably the best for most archers. There are archery specific products like the Bow Trainer or the Accubow Trainer but these can get quite expensive.

So there you are. A few ideas to keep your archery fitness .. or at least prevent you from turning into the Michelin tyre man. Now excuse me, those chocolate digestives aren’t going to eat themselves.

A Cautionary Tale

This comes from an email sent out by Quicks Archery shop. If you are shooting at home, please please please practice safe archery.

Shooting at Home, Taking Care and Safety
Some people will have the space to shoot whilst practicing social distancing. If you are fortunate enough to be able to do this, take care. Be aware of possible over shoot issues and that you are not putting anyone’s safety at risk.

A Cautionary Tale on shooting at home – A customer phoned me to place an order and to talk about arrow spine choice…after a 5 min conversation and placing an order for some components, he said he was going back to his archery practicing. He was shooting across his living room ,and the garden and into the garage, where he had a target against the back wall. this gave him 20 yards range. I put the phone down and five minutes later he rang back…..his wife had shut the patio glass door whilst he was on the phone to me the first time.. ..he had shot his arrow right through the patio window shattering the large glass unit….so take care!

The Next Innovation in Archery?

For the past couple of years I’ve wondered what the next big innovation in archery was going to be. Obviously the last major leap was the compound with its cams but what was going to be next? Well, here might be the answer …

While YouTube surfing I regularly come across this German gentleman (Joerg Sprave) who is a great tinkerer with bows and crossbows. His channel is pretty interesting as he appears to have an engineering background and likes to fiddle. His latest video is all about the Lancehead F1 Limbless Crossbow. Thats right – LIMBLESS!

F1 CrossbowIt uses coiled springs in drums to store the energy reducing the classic Crossbow shape to something looking like it came out of a Sci-Fi movie. With the bolt being wound back behind the trigger, the crossbow technically has a bullpup configuration! Meaning the power stroke is much longer than normal so more OOOOF! to the shot.

The video was pretty interesting and you have to wonder … is the limbless compound the next step in archery … its not like the b*ggers with their cams and scopes and release aids feel the need to stick to even vaguely traditional archery! Then again, Joerg just came up with his own unbelievable innovation that’s a completely new class of archery. A semi automatic, pump action compound! Yes, that sounds bizarre but you can read about and watch demonstrations of the “Instant Legolas” here.

Source links below …
The Slingshot Channel – Lancehead F1 Limbless Crossbow
Lancehead website

Club Closed till Further Notice!

Due to the latest advice from government bodies,  not only is the Spring Fling on the 22nd of March cancelled but until further notice Glasgow Archers club days are also cancelled.

Just a thought but given so much real life leaks into comic books these days, I wonder if we’ll see an origins story where Oliver Queen and Clint Barton ended up as Green Arrow and Hawkeye after their local archery clubs closed due to Covid-19!

More seriously, I do fear for some of our archers …. Days or weeks without archery! Not sure how some will cope. Theres only so much fletching and maintenance you can do.

Focused on Archery

So on World Archery’s YouTube channel, pinned at the top on the front page is a Turkish archer shooting  arrows through paint filled balloons with the video slowed down to create quite spectacular images. Watch the video first and  then I’ll let you take a look into a (possibly insane) archers head …

Slow-motion footage of an arrow hitting balloons

Enjoy that? A moment of beauty, viewable only between seconds, that touched your soul?

On first viewing what did I see? Well his arrows were rotating clockwise. Hoyt bow (spit). Beiter button. That’s a lot of stabilizer weight. The bow was well tuned – nice arrow flight. Are those Easton ACE shafts? Amazed those spin wings didn’t come off going through the balloons. Jeez if that’s not poster paint, hows he going to get the arrows cleaned! ……… oh yeah, mibi I should watch it again for the beauty.

Archers … stand them in front of breathtaking beauty and all they can think about is archery.

Archery Mountains Background

Archer to spectator: What breathtaking mountains?


Happy on the outside …

robin hood

Oh Dear!

… but crying on the inside?

Archery is known as the Art of Repetition as we all want our arrows grouped tightly together. However there is one situation we DONT want them so close together and that’s the “Robin Hood”.

This ambivalence inducing event is achieved when an archer shoots an arrow then sends the next shaft perfectly into the first coring the first arrow. Exactly as the folklore hero (as played in order of awesomeness by Cary Elwes, Michael Praed, a Cartoon Fox, Russell Crowe, Shirr Shauwn, Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner)  did in his famous shootout for the Golden arrow before the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Here is the latest iteration of this noteworthy event.

Viva Las Vegas…

Over the weekend (Feb 7-9th) the Las Vegas shoot took place. The Vegas Shoot is probably the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World with over 3700 archers competing in all the main archery disciplines over 3 days.

The three-day competition features the traditional 20-yard Vegas Round. 3 rounds of 30 arrows on a 40cm 3-spot for your final qualifying score. Only the worthy advance to any shoot-offs if they are required. Over the competitions history, 275 compounders have shot a perfect 900 point score (editor: unbelievably they get to use the whole 10 ring not just the X!!!!!!) making it a somewhat ho hum score.

However we’re not here to talk about compounders shooting pedestrian 900 scores but a recurver shooting perfection for the first time in this competition’s history.


Archers continue to mistake medals for biscuits

In 90 arrows over 3 rounds, US archer and No1 in the world, Brady Ellison did not drop a single point to become the first recurver in the history of this prestigious and storied competition to post a perfect 900 points. He hit 66Xs and finished 14 points ahead of second place to win the Recurve Male Championship and the top prize of $10,000.

And just to rub salt into many compounders hurt feefees … Brady was the only recurve archer to dispute the new $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot-Off for 300-point shooters on Friday and Saturday, were lines are dominated by compound shooters.

Brief interview with Brady here. If you jump forward in the video you can see some of the shoot-offs later on ie the mens compound shoot-off is at 1hr 32 or here if you prefer a link.

SAA Survey … with Prizes!

SAA logoAs any archer will tell you, Archery is one of the most accessible sports open to all. No matter age, ability, disability, race, all thumbs, competitive, non-competitive, gender … archery welcomes everyone. But to stay in this place we need to know if archery is delivering on its promises.

To this end the SAA have partnered with sportscotland to collect and collate surveys to aid their efforts in ensuring that all staff / coaches / officials / board / members / participants are treated fairly.

So we’d like to ask that you take a little time to fill in the survey especially as our club could win £300 from Scottish Archery and also £1000 from sportscotland to go towards equipment, coaching or club development. The survey can be found here with an article describing its intentions and rewards linked below.

Thank you for keeping us a welcoming sport


Scottish Archery article on the Equality Survey

EK Gold in Glasgow

Editors note …. this post should be read while imagining the authors teeth gritted in unbridled rage and jealousy.

Congratulations are in order to East Kibride Archer Cameron Ross who shot a Bray 1 – 272** this afternoon to qualify for the highest rated indoor badge GA have. While Cameron is currently an associate member at Glasgow, his family have a long history of lurking on our line and its great to see him put up this score.

Cameron is also an archery judge but we cant really hold that against him, much as we’d like to, because he holds the power of life and death over every line cutter of ours he adjudicates.

Obviously this is just more banter and we all applaud Cameron’s achievement …… well, mostly all.

** Actually his score was 273. We’re sure the above was just an editorial error and not retaliation for all the linecutters denied over the years!

Archery on the NHS?

While browsing the internet I came across an article from World Archery saying that since 2017, Doctors across France  are able to prescribe physical activity to patients. One of these prescribe-able activities can be archery.

I’ve already touched on how good archery can be health wise but how great would it be to drop into the doctors feeling depressed and be given a prescription for ” … an hour of blank boss, fletch a dozen arrows, shoot a Portsmouth round then come back and see me in a week if you dont feel better. We might book you in with a specialist to give you and your bow a tune-up”.

I’d feel a lot more enthusiastic about seeing a doctor under those circumstances.


Shoot 36 of these each day for the next week and see how you feel.

Archery now available as prescribed health activity for doctors in France
Medicinal Archery