Want to learn Archery?


Rule no.1 Dont forget your bow!

Glasgow Archers will be running a beginners course over 4 evenings – Wednesday 11th/18th/25th March plus 1st April at Craigholme Sports Hub starting around 6:20pm. The cost should be £75.00 per participant. (max of 8 students)

So why do you need to do a course? Archery isn’t hard. Pull a string and let go!

Well, to join any club in the UK overseen by Archery GB you need to do a beginners course. It covers the basics of how to shoot properly, how to shoot without hurting yourself BUT most importantly it instills in the student the safety procedures that keep us all safe. We guarantee fun, challenges, banter, ballistics and perhaps even a trophy!

Drop us a note here if you are interested and we will get back to you with more details.

Archery ……. better than a gym membership with a lot more laughs thrown in.

Archers flocking to practice

After last Saturdays attendance soared to the giddy heights of 17 … Saturday 18th must have thought to itself … “hold my quiver”!

Todays attendance was up to 19 with several regulars missing from their usual spots. It was so crowded that we had to run out 7 bosses AND move the hockey goals.

Great to see so many folks having fun (or suffering the usual archery angst) on the line. Even Chris returned for a near unprecedented 2nd week in a row – going for the hat trick next week chris? ;o)

Can’t see the targets for the archers

Excellent turnout on Saturday 11th with 17 archers on the line. Even Chris came out of hibernation early to attend. This is a far cry from last year when it looked like we would have to close down weekend sessions due to disinterest.

Also we took delivery of 3 new bosses with 2 more to come Wednesday (Michael needs a bigger van). Even after a full rebuild on our old bosses we were almost getting pass throughs on some and the amount of debris getting blasted out the back was getting messy. These bosses are of the lighter variety much to the relief of those humphing the bosses about at set up and takedown times.


First Night Back …

Dateline : Craigholme, Wednesday 8th, 6pm

Our first night back shooting.

So what should you be doing tonight?

•  Take it easy as you probably over indulged and exercise was limited to lifting fork or glass to mouth. (limit number of arrows shot and arrows per end)
•  Focus on good execution as your form will be sloppy and the bow will feel like it weighs a 100 tonnes. (a good night for blank boss practice – see a coach or mentor for details of how to do this)
•  Consider your bow if you dont normally do regular maintenance. Give it a major check up. String, screws, bolts, sights, arrows … spot anything iffy or if you arent confident, ask for an opinion from an experienced archer or coach.
•  Finally a good night to talk to someone new or someone you never really speak to. We are a social sport (except for the dribbly competitive types) so be social. The club is what YOU make it.

Archery better than Gym?

moff hamster2With so many people considering new year resolutions to get fit, I wonder how many have considered archery. Archery is quite unique because it brings physical, mental and social benefits coupled with an inclusivity that’s hard to beat.

Focus, confidence, patience and relaxation** are just some of the mental benefits archery brings let alone making good use of that OCD. Physically? You get improved strength, hand eye coordination and endurance … think how far you walk collecting all those arrows at 70m. A calorie ripper par excellence!

All of the above can be practiced in archery by everyone, no matter age, gender, ableness or ability. Its a social sport. Its a relatively inexpensive sport. Its a cool sport that makes you interesting – say to someone “I’m an archer” and theres instant “ooOOOoo, thats different”. We even have our own superheroes – Hawkeye (Marvel Avengers), Green Arrow (DC Comics), Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), Abigail Whistler (Blade Trinity) and for the disney princess fraternity – Princess Merida.

So consider all those poor people starting expensive gym memberships this week after their new years resolutions. They would be better off having fun with us on the line rather than straining muscles pumping boring weights/trudging on that treadmill.

**Editors note: Yes I know we have some members who seem really uptight about their archery but I’m sure they have a zen like calm inside no matter the bad language.
HAHAHAHHAHA!!! … sorry, couldnt type that and keep a straight face.

World Archery article on Health Benefits
12 Health Benefits of Archery
Archery GB’s mental health initiative


First Archery thought of 2020…

While endlessly fiddling with my bows brace height and tillering this morning …..

getting it just right ……… getting IT just right …… GETTING IT JUST RIGHT! ……… GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!! ………… <taking a break …. and breathe> 

……. It crossed my mind that Archery is a sport where any OCD issues are not only helpful to your shooting but probably so common to the sport as to be damn near mandatory!

Right bow, prepared to be tillered some more!

Shooting in 2020

moff hamster2Welcome to the newly revamped Glasgow Archers website.

Your editorial team (well ….. me!) has been hard at work over the holidays adding new content that I hope will be of interest. This will continue over the next week or so as I add more.

So! …. As we have a new year approaching so its time to ponder just where your archery is right now.

To those experienced archers, its time to consider resolutions. Archery resolutions. So whats it to be? Shoot more, shoot better, shoot competitions .. its up to you. Time to make an attempt on that next plateau me thinks.

For those still new to the sport in 2020, remember that you do not exist in a Hoover …. sorry … a vacuum. There is an entire club to help out with questions, technique, practice, kit purchase (a bow is for life, not just at xmas) or setting up/tuning that shiny new bow. Just Ask!

Now this webpage will be more a static resource with the dynamic stuff happening on facebook BUT any suggestions, requests, reports of broken pages and obviously complaints should be sent into the club email address. There the club secretary will read them and then either pass them on OR look aghast and then shout at me for a while.

So as this Annus Horribilis finally winds down … Good Shooting in 2020

252 badges

We have a new progression award for the outdoor season along with a series of badges to collect. Once you have been able to  score a score of 252 at a given distance on 2 occasions you can claim a new badge*.

This is a great way for both beginners and experienced archers to improve their consistensy and to know when they are ready to move to the next distance.

To learn more about the rules and to download a scoresheet visit our Progressing Outdoors page.

252 badges

Our new 252 badges along with our 70th-anniversary badge. © Catherine Coddington

A big thank you to our very own Catherine for organising this new progression award.

* badges are available for a small fee