Bill Aitcheson


Level 1 Coach, archer, committee member and odd job man (unlike some of us, he knows how tools more complicated than a hammer work) … Bill fills a lot of roles in Glasgow Archers.


How long have you been involved in archery? 

about 6 years now.

Why did you take it up? 

I played golf and suffered a knee injury, wanted to try something different.

Which style/format of archery is your favourite (to watch, do, mock) ? 


When and why did you become a coach? 

qualified last year. i hope to pass on my enjoyment for archery.

Would you recommend becoming a coach?


So what’s been your greatest/favourite/most amusing moment in archery/coaching?

watching a beginners face when they hit three golds.

Conversely your least favourite moment? 

snapping 2 very expensive ACC arrows

Worst injury in archery? 

pulled my right shoulder muscle

Has there ever been a time when you had had enough of archery?

frequently but i still go back!

Had you not taken up archery, is there any particular sport you would have liked to have taken up? 

cant think of any

Finally … any future Archery goals?

Improve my scores, keep my arm straighter, and remembering to breathe..