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USA Archery
Paperback: 223 pages
approx … £13

This is not a book written by one author but each chapter is written by a specialist (8 in total) from within the US archery coaching team and edited into the book. Both recurve and compound are covered individually with regards to style/form but the majority of the book is “beneficial to all archers” chapters on nutrition, exercise, mental preparation and preparing for competitions. This book is absolutely aimed at the competitive archer aiming to get better, win medals and be the best they can be or coaches looking to support their archers on and off the shooting line.

This book will not be much use to the beginner as many of the concepts, practices and perhaps commitment (re exercise, nutrition and life style) will be beyond you for at least a year into your archery career or at least till the obsession hits. Something for the future rather than the now.  The pictures are in black and white and not particularly detailed but do not detract from the information being imparted. Occasionally it tries to do too much but it’s hard to fault the effort.

Our editor is rather fond of this book and that’s quite a compliment.

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