Archery (steps to success)

Archery (steps to success)archery steps to success.jpg
Heywood and Lewis
Paperback: 280 pages
Price … £11 approx

A well regarded book aimed at those entering archery and bewildered by just how confusing it is. Chapters include form, technique, analysis of performance, mental skills, competition, tuning bows and even how to get the best fit for your kit. This book doesn’t concentrate on any specific style and as such will give you information on more than just recurve should you be unsure just where your archery career is heading.

The lesson plans and activities are easy to understand and very useful in guiding the archer into good practices and explaining why things happen. The chapter on spotting and curing typical faults will be useful for longer than you suspect. This book is often recommended for entry level archers with more questions than an inquisitive 4 year old.

However as noted above it is a generalist’s book … it moves from compound bow to bare bow to recurve bow page to page. It does lack a depth of instruction or illustration in any one specific style so the intermediate archer already specializing will not gain much from this book. It doesn’t have anything on traditional archery so long/horsebow archers beware. The illustrations are a little basic and the chapter on hunting should be ignored in the UK as bow hunting is illegal.

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