Total Archery – Inside the Archer

Total Archery – Inside the Archerinside the archer.jpg
Ki Sik Lee
Paperback: 284 pages
Price … £36 – £50

This book is frankly the gold standard for advanced level archery books. It is a highly detailed examination of every aspect of a shot cycle at a level of detail to make even the most OCD archer wince.

So why is this book so good? The main author, Ki Sik Lee, is the head coach of the US Olympic Archery Training Program and the man widely credited with the continuing success of World Champion Brady Ellison.

There is a lot of text in this book but this is tempered with an astounding number of highly detailed pictures walking the reader through each step of the shot. No matter how many passes you make through each chapter, you will always find something new or surprising.

If this book has limitations, its that it is completely dedicated to Lee’s very specific method. There is NO ROOM for deviation in this system. To shoot Lee’s method requires a level of strength sadly lacking in mere mortal archers. Even US Olympic archers – professionals – seem at times to struggle with the method.

Never the less, this is a fantastically detailed analysis of technique written with passion and knowledge. To be honest this book is a hugely worthy addition to any serious archers’ bookcase and not only should be read regularly but should probably be placed under your pillow, the better to absorb its awesomeness as you sleep.

Note: The currently available version of this book is the 3rd edition. Copies of the 1st edition sell for in excess of £200 if any can be found at all. Fun fact, a GA archer has a 1st edition copy of this book. Can you guess who it is? (yes, he does sleep with it under his pillow).

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