Level 2 here we come …

arrow storm

GUYS! … Its only 2 households per target and we’re limited to 50 on the range!

Its been announced that as of 00:01 Saturday 5th June 2021, the level for COVID restrictions in Glasgow will fall to 2.
(admittedly I started this post 2 weeks ago and then our hopes, dreams and pub bookings were cruelly dashed by wee nicola!)
Why is this significant? Because the following restrictions change … the number of households on a target goes up and the maximum allowed number of people on the range goes up as well.

This doubles our capacity at the field just at a time when we are starting to struggle to supply enough targets to match demand from you guys. Believe me, its great to see you coming back!

Thanks to some very kind people at Hutchison’s Grammar School,  we are shooting at weekends and now on Wednesdays as well. We have taken on 6 new beginners and seeing weekly enquiries from interested folks, a dozen badges have been won in the last 3 weeks and banter has never been so frisky so the club is very much a going concern even in these very unsettled times.

If you are an active member of GA, you know to book your slot at glasgow.archers.booking@gmail.com
If you would like to shoot with us and are an AGB member OR a returning GA archer but haven’t yet shot with us during COVID, please contact us at the following address: glasgow.archers.membership@gmail.com just to get the details sorted out.

Hope to see you down the field soon. Those X’s aren’t going to shoot themselves and the spider on target 2 said harsh things about your bow! ;o)

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