Stealth Health


Archery will make you look like this … mibi! (tashe optional)

Recently a very health conscious friend of an archer was mocking his mate for the rather sedentary nature of archery in comparison to his running, martial arts and gym based exercises. It came as somewhat of a shock to that person just how much exercise you can get in a session of archery.

Our Vice-chair did a little tallying to work out just what he had got up to over 3 weekends (4x8hr and 4x6hr sessions) where we had access to the field and he was present the entire time (approx 60 hours including setup/cleanup). He walked 58 miles (93km) up and down the field. Shot his bow roughly 1000 times (at a draw weight of 37lbs) for approximately 16.8 tonnes. Unpacked and repacked the container 16 times humphing 100lbs bosses and lifting smaller bosses to stack them as well as wheeling out and setting up multiple large foam bosses/frames for himself and less able archers.

That’s a fair workout and we haven’t even considered all the fresh air he breathed, the sunlight he absorbed and how much his skin was moisturized by the rain! :oD And that’s before we consider just how much benefit it was to his mental health (outside of the poor releases, the erratic wind, the flinching, dropping the string hand, dropping the bow arm, static release etc etc etc obviously) 

So there you have it … Archery, stealthily making you healthy though a pretty good workout and calming the mind while you obsess over brace height and string picture and hand position and tillering and arrow spine and sight marks and anchor point and release etc etc etc etc! Way more entertaining and mentally stimulating than that treadmill or boring weights and a lot less sweaty!

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