My X doesn’t count? Noooooooo!

archery griefAs lockdown continues to frustrate, unused archery skills erode and the Craigholme sale drags on … Committee member Bill posted this cartoon as a mirror to where our archery will be when we return and our response to that erosion of skills.

All I can say is .. we know someone who has been there, done that (sort of). Our editor forgot to secure his wrist sling while blank bossing over xmas and lobbed his bow at the target**.
We’re told looking at the hole it caused, his long rod did score a 6, a 7 and an 8!

We suspect that World Archery would disallow that score on the grounds his long rod has a diameter great than 9.3mm. That’s the maximum diameter of arrows allowed under World Archery/ AGB rules. 

Easton do do a 2712 aluminium shaft with a diameter of 10.5mm but its not valid for competitions in the UK. It does partly explain why so many compounders get 300 scores in the Vegas indoor shoot. Well, that and they get to use the recurve 40cm face with the larger 10 ring, rather than the compound specific face where just the X ring counts for a 10!

** ps: our editor has form in throwing bows, here is video of him at his calmest. ;o)

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