Inoculating against Archery?

pfizer-1You will be happy to know that some of our more “experienced” and “seasoned” club members have already received their COVID jabs. Some have received the Pfizer vaccine and others have received the Oxford/AstraZeneca one.

But in one very special case, one of our archers reported that he had received the Fivics vaccine.

fivicsThis caused a little consternation as we were concerned he was being vaccinated against archery! Or at the very least, the socially acceptable if expensive virus where you get an insane desire to buy archery equipment**. In case you weren’t aware, Fivics is a Korean supplier of some pretty decent archery equipment. ;o)

If you fancy having a look at shiny things, Fivics web site is always an interesting browse which can be found here and this is their current catalogue.

** Yes, we know our Vice Chairman is a carrier and enthusiastic spreader of this virus. AGB and SAA advise that earplugs or running away from him are the best ways to avoid contracting it.  

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