Developments …


GA committee wander desert looking for new home. 

Even though a month has passed from the termination of our let at Craigholme, what with the Xmas break and fact that the sale of the school has not yet concluded, we are still in somewhat of a limbo. This does not mean we have been idle:

During the last few weeks, we and the other clubs active at Craigholme have rallied a great deal of support from MP’s, councillors and governing bodies (in our case the SAA and AGB) as well as Sport Scotland. In addition, the Rector at Kelvinside Academy (current operators of Craigholme) has passed on all of our details to the buyers who, he says, are keen to continue relationships with the various sporting clubs currently active at the sports hub including your friendly neighbourhood archery club. This all sounds quite positive for us staying where we are … But what if it all goes wrong?

We have been talking with some cricket clubs about the possibility of us taking up residence and shooting on their grounds. Now while no cricket ground is as well suited to our needs as Craigholme, Glasgow Archers could easily continue on another site. This would not be the first time GA has moved. Admittedly its been 47 years since the last time we moved our outside venue but just 10 since we migrated from Mearns Castle High School to Craigholme’s sports hall!

Given the terrible weather Glasgow is having right now, I’m not sure we would have had much shootie time especially over Xmas. However, as soon as we actually have some firm news to act on, your committee of sedentary, elderly archers will “leap” into action. Right now we are just waiting for the sale to go through and first contact with, hopefully, our new landlord. Fingers crossed.

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