Oh … Deer!


Who you lookin at pal?

For those of you not familiar with Glasgow, we have had, for quite a while, a minor problem with urban deer. Glasgow Archers shoot at the edge of Pollock Park which for many years has been considered one of the deer hot spots with numerous alerts of “beware deer” being issued for the nearby M77 motorway.

Occasionally FAST has to be called during shooting when some deer have a derp moment, their racial memory slips their mind and they wander onto the archery field to investigate those big foam things that the fast moving feathery things are hitting.

antlerRecently, with Glasgow city centre deserted much of the time during periods of lockdown they have been getting a little bolder than just jaywalking on the motorway … deer doing a little window shopping.

Now normally down the field there’s no real evidence that the deer are about apart from the odd guest appearance but recently physical evidence was found … an antler (see left) from a comparatively young roe deer that looks to have broken off from an impact. The antler was about 16.5cm long (6.5″ in old money) and still had some of the deer attached (yuk!). 

Wonder if the deer was trying to get us into trouble with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981“Yes officer, I want to report trophy hunting archers. Their badge fixation is just a cover for something darker!!!!”

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