AGB cards arrive

So this morning GA members started to see their physical AGB cards arrive, and very nice they are too.
In these days of E-cards is there any point to the physical plasticard we carry in our wallets/bags/kit? Well, here’s a story I heard of a couple of years ago that might raise, in your eyes, the reputation of the humble AGB card. (story may be apocryphal but worth telling) 

A few years ago a British archer was traveling (iirc) to Italy for a competition. They were stopped at customs and ushered into a rather foreboding interview room. In the room was their archery kit. The customs officer via translator asked to see the archers license for this deadly weapon.


Could you x-ray my X10’s … I think no 3’s core is cracked

The archer took a breath to start to explain there was no license required for a bow in the UK and that they were there for a competition which had not requested they have “a license”. Instead they took out their AGB card plus competition details and handed them to the officer. The card was inspected, details were noted, the card was handed back and the archer was wished luck in the competition.

So lets all remember to keep our archery “licenses” about us … it might get you out of a tighter jam than a tense discussion with a tournament organizer! ;o)

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