GA AGM (Covid compatible)

It’s been a little bit of an outstanding issue for us recently, wondering how to hold the 2020 AGM. Had indoors been possible (sorry, still no word), we would have had our hands full setting up procedures/buying screens. However, now the due date is fast approaching, priorities have changed and the AGM now vitally important.


fancy dress agm … or going out crimefighting later?

So, details …. The Glasgow Archers Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, the 18th of November at 19:30pm. This will be our first ever attempt at an online AGM so you may need to bear with us** a little as there are bound to be teething issues. Obviously the big selling point of an online agm is you can attend from the comfort of your own desk, couch, recliner chair or while tucked up in bed fortified with your drinkie of choice. Should make for lively debate but expect to be laughed at if you are wearing your teenage mutant ninja turtles onesie and you have a live camera.

Details of exactly how we will do this will follow as soon as we’ve tested our chosen platform out. Probably by a spirited “full and frank exchange of views” committee meeting and shout at the Vice-chair session (He’ll have done something stooopid by then).

Look out for details on how to join our online AGM sometime in the next couple of weeks and hope to see you there.

** please don’t “bare with us” … that’s probably a breach of the Telecommunications Act 2003!

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