Nights fair drawing in …


Its all fun and games til you miss into thick grass!

As we wave the summer (summer .. hah!) goodbye and move into the autumn, by now we would usually be safe and warm indoors. We’re not even sure that is going to be possible this year but there’s arrows to be shot so outdoors remains our only option. Unfortunately our usual midweek evenings have become too dark for archery so our plan for the winter is as follows …

There will be an outdoor session on the Craigholme playing field Saturdays (9am til noon) and two Sunday sessions outdoors (9am til 11am and 11am til 1pm). As before, if you are a member of Glasgow Archers, an associate member of GA or have already shot a session with us as a guest, you can book your session via

If you are a member of another club and are interested in coming along and shooting, contact us at the following address for details:

Please note that all sessions must be pre-booked 2 days in advance for you to be allowed to shoot. This is to allow an audit trail for track and trace. You should also ensure that you have a valid AGB card because as of 30th September, your 2019/20 membership has expired. You will not be allowed to shoot without a valid AGB membership as per Archery GB’s insurance policy.

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