GA welcomes visitors once more

statue of liberty

Give me your unrequited toxophilites, your stircrazy compounders, your huddled under umbrella masses yearning to shoot free, the wretched recurvers of your teeming shore. Send these, the tentless, tempest-tost to me as I lift my lamp beside the shooting line!

As of  Monday 13th July, Glasgow Archers welcomed the archery deprived and the currently club-less of central Scotland. Now that we are allowed more than 2 targets active at a time, guests are once more welcome. It helps we now have everything up and running (mostly) smoothly. There are sessions running on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Sunday mornings. Guests must be members of Archery GB & Scottish Archery and obviously have their own kit.

Numbers are extremely limited due to how few targets we can set up with social distancing restrictions in place and obviously our own members want to shoot as well so don’t delay if interested.

To express an interest in coming along please contact us at the following address:
Please note that you must pre-book a session 2 days in advance to be allowed to shoot. This is to allow an audit trail for track and trace.

Just be aware, we are having to jump through hoops right now to get things up and running. This isn’t a return to normal so there will be requirements and stipulations that we all have have to conform to. Please remember this is a global pandemic, what was once easy and cheap is now difficult and expensive and that we at GA are making an effort to get archery available for as many archers as we can. So be tolerant and understanding when things dont go as efficiently as normal.

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