With Covid on the wane (at least for the moment), phase 2 of our escape from lockdown beckons. Hopefully this will herald a return to some normality and most importantly (absolutely no bias here ;o) the reopening of our archery clubs.

ME_452_ExpectationsHowever when you return to the line its going to be vitally important to remember just when you shot last.

Why? Because although muscle memory is a fantastic thing, you are going to be rusty. Your form will need to be watched for sloppy execution. Static releases, dropping that bow arm and inconsistent hand positions are going to creep in. So dont be down heartened if your usual scores aren’t there …

… because its not just club level archers that are suffering. Even the internationalists are feeling it. In the latest World Archery Lockdown Knockdown (the archery competition where social distance is by continent), you could see some of the archers such as Yasemin Anogoz (fantastic Turkish archer) struggling a little with her form shooting 7’s and 8’s at 18m.

So when you return to the line, keep this in mind. Review your shot cycle. Close your eyes and imagine the shot. Write it down if you have to. Remember to have good form at all times. If the shot isn’t there, reset and start again. Watch for fatigue affecting your form and work up gradually to your usual arrow count … we’re not at home to Mr Injury!

Lockdown Knockdown 2: 2 minute summary of Yasemin’s round can be found here and here’s the playlist for the current competition where they have just shot the qualifying scores. Start at video 37 for this competition.

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