Route Map back to the Line …

With the publishing of the Covid-19 route map out of house arrest in Scotland … here at GA we are already trying to work out how we get the club back up and running. We do however have some problems that might delay us getting back on the line. Not so much the logistics of keeping a minimum safe distance while setting up targets, gaps between targets, archers per boss etc … that’s just choreography.


Our boss is in here somewhere!

Here our concern is actual access to the hall for our kit, the schools requirement to have a staff member on hand even though we don’t need anyone present and finally the condition of the field with the grass not having been touched in 6 months. I for one don’t want to spend all day looking for arrows in the grass! If the school isn’t open in any way we will need permission to access the field on our own which we used to do till the rules were changed on us. In addition, toilet access in the pavilion might be limited. All things we need to address before our resident line captain gets out his shiny whistle.

We will keep you up to date with any progress we have in getting the club back up and running but our advice to you archers is start stretching out those back muscles in preparation for returning. If you haven’t been drawing your bow much in the last few weeks (see here for advice on that) its going to feel like a 100 tonnes when you try to draw for the first few sessions.

Hopefully see you on the line soon (I’ll wave from my boss).

If you are interested and dont have a copy of Phase 1, here are the documents …

Scottish Archery – Phase 1 – Archery v1.5
Scottish Archery – Phase 1 – Coaching



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