Staying Archery Fit …

fridgeMost of us are stuck at home right now. We visit the fridge relentlessly … and the drinks cabinet is glaring at me right now with an expression I can only describe as “LEAVE ME ALONE!”.

I can feel my archery fitness slipping away with no shooty or no gym time. So what can be done?

Well, first a quick jump over to our Books and Guides page where you can grab free PDFs from renown archery coach Ki Sik Lee and physical trainer/archer Tim Goodwin. These will give you some good exercises to try. If you don’t have a home gym (like 99% of us) … get inventive! All those stockpiles of food and drink can stand in for weights. 2L of diet coke = a 2kg weight.

Now actually drawing your bow without there being any shooty (called reversals) is good exercise and obviously works all the right muscles BUT when drawing your bow DO NOT put an arrow on the bow and even then face a wall. Whatever you do, DO NOT let the string go AT ALL. A dry fire will mean all that energy going into the bow and it will break so take care. If you don’t believe me, check out this article and video footage. You’ll never risk a dry fire ever after reading.

If you cant draw up your bow indoors due to low ceilings, the solution to this is an exercise band. Something like this used to simulate you drawing your bow will work those back muscles and help with you feeling the expansion as you draw through an imaginary clicker. These are available in lots of ‘weights’ and can be doubled over to increase the resistance as long as you don’t get one that starts as a loop. Medium to heavy are probably the best for most archers. There are archery specific products like the Bow Trainer or the Accubow Trainer but these can get quite expensive.

Finally, if you have some weights in the house or have gym access, check out this page Strength & Archery Fitness for some exercises to help out those back and shoulder muscles.

So there you are. A few ideas to keep your archery fitness .. or at least prevent you from turning into the Michelin tyre man. Now excuse me, those chocolate digestives aren’t going to eat themselves.

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