Focused on Archery

So on World Archery’s YouTube channel, pinned at the top on the front page is a Turkish archer shooting  arrows through paint filled balloons with the video slowed down to create quite spectacular images. Watch the video first and  then I’ll let you take a look into a (possibly insane) archers head …

Slow-motion footage of an arrow hitting balloons

Enjoy that? A moment of beauty, viewable only between seconds, that touched your soul?

On first viewing what did I see? Well his arrows were rotating clockwise. Hoyt bow (spit). Beiter button. That’s a lot of stabilizer weight. The bow was well tuned – nice arrow flight. Are those Easton ACE shafts? Amazed those spin wings didn’t come off going through the balloons. Jeez if that’s not poster paint, hows he going to get the arrows cleaned! ……… oh yeah, mibi I should watch it again for the beauty.

Archers … stand them in front of breathtaking beauty and all they can think about is archery.

Archery Mountains Background

Archer to spectator: What breathtaking mountains?


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