Viva Las Vegas…

Over the weekend (Feb 7-9th) the Las Vegas shoot took place. The Vegas Shoot is probably the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World with over 3700 archers competing in all the main archery disciplines over 3 days.

The three-day competition features the traditional 20-yard Vegas Round. 3 rounds of 30 arrows on a 40cm 3-spot for your final qualifying score. Only the worthy advance to any shoot-offs if they are required. Over the competitions history, 275 compounders have shot a perfect 900 point score (editor: unbelievably they get to use the whole 10 ring not just the X!!!!!!) making it a somewhat ho hum score.

However we’re not here to talk about compounders shooting pedestrian 900 scores but a recurver shooting perfection for the first time in this competition’s history.


Archers continue to mistake medals for biscuits

In 90 arrows over 3 rounds, US archer and No1 in the world, Brady Ellison did not drop a single point to become the first recurver in the history of this prestigious and storied competition to post a perfect 900 points. He hit 66Xs and finished 14 points ahead of second place to win the Recurve Male Championship and the top prize of $10,000.

And just to rub salt into many compounders hurt feefees … Brady was the only recurve archer to dispute the new $10K-a-Day Championship Shoot-Off for 300-point shooters on Friday and Saturday, were lines are dominated by compound shooters.

Brief interview with Brady here. If you jump forward in the video you can see some of the shoot-offs later on ie the mens compound shoot-off is at 1hr 32 or here if you prefer a link.

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